Police officer attacked trying to intervene in Western Sizzlin' fight

Officers arrived on the scene to assist in breaking the fight up, but those involved fled. / Matt Prichard

Officials confirm that Lt. Thomas with the Dougherty County School System Police Department was attacked after trying to break up a fight at the Western Sizzlin' in east Albany.

An eyewitness at the scene says that a young couple was having a verbal argument in the parking lot. Some of their friends joined them and the fight turned physical.

The witness says that a police officer tried to interject into the fight but was also attacked. Police say the officer was involved in a physical altercation with one suspect. When Lt. Thomas called for back up the students involved ran away.

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said that an off-duty Dougherty County Police officer drove by the scene, saw the fight, and attempted to intervene as well.

School police say they are still investigating this case.