Police handle sodomy case at elementary school


The mother of the victim called Fox 31 News to let us know that her son has been transfered to Sylvester Road Elementary School. She says she's pleased with the Dougherty County School System's decision, although she adds it took too long from the original date of the alleged incident.


The mother of an elementary school student is upset that her child is still attending the same school as the child that is accused of sodomizing him.

Dougherty County School System Police confirm the event took place in Mid-November at Jackson Heights Elementary School. The police report says two boys were on a bathroom break when the victim says he was touched inappropriately by another student. The report gives a detailed description of the alleged physical offense. At this time the child suspect will face sodomy charges in juvenile court for the alleged act. When the victim notified his teacher of the incident, she contacted school administrators who called school police. The police took the child to the Lily Pad Sane Center for a forensic interview.

School system officials say at this time an investigation because the alleged suspect told officials that the victim was actually the aggressor in the case. Officials are trying to sort out what happened and then proceed to do what is best for both students.

The mother of the victim spoke to Fox 31 News on camera and says she doesn't care whether the system transfers her child or the other child. "As long as they're not meeting face to face like they're doing now. Because when my son sees that child he gets so upset. I'm not mad at the other child, and I'm not mad at the parents. I'm mad at the situation and what happened to my child. He deserves to be able to be in school and feel safe".

School officials say one of the children will be placed in another school when the investigation is closed. No word on if the student to transfer will be the victim or the alleged suspect.

The victim's mother says she attended school with her son for one week because he was so terrified of running into the other student. She says he'll receive counseling starting this week and adds that she's praying for the other family. "It's natural for boys to play, but what he did was unnatural for a 6-year-old boy. I'm going to pray for his family because either he's seen that act or someone's done it to him and either way that's not right. I feel for his family because I know they are stressed like I am".

Fox 31 News will update this story when the Dougherty County School System finishes the investigation and transfers one of the students.