Police find marijuana plants in Lee County residence

Police arrested Jonah Hudson, 22, after finding he was growing marijuana in his home / Lee County Sheriff's Office

The Lee County Sheriff's Office found more than they bargained for while conducting a safety check at a Highway 195 residence.

Chief Deputy Lewis Harris says Tuesday night they received a call from the homeowner's father in Cummins that he was worried his son, Jonah Hudson, 22, would commit suicide.

"The deputies came out here, they knocked on the door, no response. The door came open when they was knocking on the door so once they didn't get no response they started checking inside the house," says Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Officers found three marijuana plants growing inside a closet along with a dehumidifier and growing liquids. Investigators also found nearly three ounces of manufactured marijuana, a rifle and a bottle of unprescribed Xanax

"After we got through searching as much as we could last night until about two am this morning, we held the scene with a deputy at the area until we could get back here in daylight this morning and check the area a little bit closer," says Rachals.

Rachals says they called Georgia State Patrol's aviation division to help search the land Wednesday morning when they continued their search.

"We went up, took some pictures of the whole layout of the landscape and the whole curtilage of the property," says Lt. Col. Chris Owens with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. "That's where we found the majority of the pots where the plants had been and one of the plants was still there."

Police arrested Hudson when he returned to the home during their search. Hudson is charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of tools in the commission of a crime and possession of a controlled substance (Xanax).

"This right here was kind of unexpected as far as this person involved but out in these kinds of areas there's never a doubt in my mind that it could happen in such an area that's so far off the road to where you can't see it," says Rachals.

Rachals says they have spoken with Hudson's father again and that his reaction was not very good.

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