Police donate Thanksgiving dinners

Reginald Williams talks about his appreciation for the Dougherty County Police as his mother, Alease, looks on / Ashley Knight

As we get closer to thanksgiving, many are probably thinking about their favorite holiday dishes.

But the Dougherty County Police are thinking of others.

They were at neighbors in need Wednesday morning donating food to help others.

"Well, I saw the ambulance and the police car and I thought there was some crime that happened or somebody had got shot or something to be honest!" said Reginald Williams who was at Neighbors in Need to pick up some food.

"When most people think police, they think about arresting people, but you know, we're there to protect and serve," says Det. Chad Kirkpatrick.

Extra emphasis on the serving.

"Oh, it's a blessing when we get something we just thank god, you know just thank the lord for our blessings!" says Alease Williams, who was there with her son, Reginald.

Alease Williams comes to Neighbors in Need once a month. She's a widow and she and her son rely on this kind of help.

"Cause I only get $567 a month so this really helps out to get food. And I don't get food stamps."

And for the past nine years, Dougherty County Police officers have been bringing enough food to feed 25 families. And even though Dougherty County officers got a pay cut this year, they're still remembering those in need.

"It's wonderful, somebody thinking about somebody else, that's what I believe the lord want us to do, he want us to think about our neighbors. I appreciate that. Thank god for the police!" says Reginald Williams.

Neighbors in Need was getting to their last few turkeys when DCP arrived.

For their address and more information about Neighbors in Need, visit their website.