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      Police display 700 pounds of pot netted in bust

      Officials gave the first glimpse of the pot they seized during what they call the biggest drug raid in South Georgia during a press conference in Tifton on Thursday.Tift County Sheriff Gene Scarbrough says after inspecting the haul, they believe the actual weight of the drugs is around 700 pounds with a street value of $700,000.Sylvester Police Sergeant Kevin Griffith, one of the officers who performed the search on Hook's Auto Shop in Sylvester, says they didn't have to use a drug-sniffing dog to locate the pot, which was found in the back of a pickup truck outside the shop.Officials were led to the business on East Pope Street following a confidential tip and Griffith says they didn't expect to find such a large amount of drugs and they believe there is probably more stashed somewhere.Six men have been arrested including auto shop owner Calvin Hooks and Willie James Jones, two men who have had previous drug convictions.Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby says the men are cooperating with officials in the ongoing investigation that they believe more are involved in.Officials say if the pot wasn't seized, it could've ended up in the hands of more than 2,000 people.

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