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      Police chief recommends termination for officer

      FOX 31 has learned by an open records request that the Albany Police Chief is recommending termination of officer Gary Price.Chief of Police John Proctor stated in a recommendation for termination letter for Corporal Gary Price that he "recommends that the City of Albany terminate your employment for the following reasons" including:- The accident that took place June 30th of 2012 was avoidable after the Accident Review Board's finding.- Price was in violation of routine police operation. Proctor said that under normal non-emergency conditions and while responding to routine calls for service, operation of police vehicles will adhere to all traffic laws and will drive defensive in a safe and cautious manner.Proctor states in the letter that the operation of police vehicles is not the reason for discipline or termination, but it is a contributing factor to the investigation of termination.Proctor added in the letter that "through all of the documented information, your judgment has repeatedly been called into question since your employment began in 1999 and has significantly damaged the name and good will of the City of Albany and the Albany Police Department."The city manager has the final decision on Price's employment status and until the decision is made, Price is suspended without pay effective immediately according to the letter.Stay connected to as the story develops and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM.