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      Police chief in Warwick dismissed from duty

      Warwick Police Chief David Morris has been dismissed from his position Friday afternoon by the City of Warwick.Morris has been put on administrative leave with pay until August 4, when he will be dismissed.Morris is being let go in connection to five reasons put forth by city officials:- Consistently disciplining and terminating members of the police department in a manner not in conformance with the personnel policies and procedures adopted by the City Council.- Making purchases and expenditures of public dollars inconsistent with the ordinances and procedures adopted by the Mayor and City Council.- Operating the Warwick Police Department in a manner inconsistent with the intent of the Warwick City Council requiring new leadership to carry the Department in a direction consistent with the wishes of the Mayor and City Council.- Failure to have travel pre-approved as required by the City Code of the City of Warwick.- Placing quotas on the number of tickets an officer is required to issue.Warwick city attorney Tommy Coleman tells FOX 31 there was evidence from police who left the department there was a quota system established.Coleman says this is clearly against the law and officers may have been wrongly terminated for not reaching this quota.City officials say that the termination is a proposed action and Morris will have five days to request a hearing from Mayor Juanita Kinchens. If Morris fails to respond, this will result in a loss of an opportunity to appeal his dismissal.Stay connected to as the story develops.