Police called to Albany bar over 100 times

The sign adorning the Sandtrap lounge & club / Allen Carter

This weekend's murder at the Sandtrap bar is the latest in a list of crimes at business.

Since the beginning of the year police have been called 109 times and have had 30 reported incidents at the Sandtrap. Crimes including; rape, aggravated battery and car break-ins.

"It saddens me when I look at the numbers and look at the number of times that people who've called to that establishment," said Dorothy Hubbard former city commissioner of Ward 2, where the bar sits.

She says the numbers seem overwhelming but the problem has never been brought before the city commission.

"I don't know whether that is a high number compared to other establishment in the same category," said Hubbard.

Typically the commission will consider removing the alcohol license at a business if there too much violent crime. The business is then given a public hearing.

"The city would have to send out a written document to say these are the issues that have led to the need for a hearing on whether your alcohol license should be revoked," said Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis.

Davis says nothing has been set in motion against the Sandtrap because the police have not called for investigation.

"It just happened Saturday so I wouldn't expect our office to be contacted this soon," said Davis.

Davis says considering taking away liquor license is a drastic and rare step. It's only happened about three times in the 8 years he's worked for the city.

"It's a major league event. The object is to protect the public and you wouldn't want to take an alcohol license or revoke one unless there was strong evidence the public's interest overrides the business," said Davis.