Police bust serial copper thief

Rodney Franklin

Police are on the lookout for metal crooks this holiday season. Thefts are on the rise. They've already arrested one man behind a rash of robberies.

Police say Rodney Franklin is a serial metal thief.

Officers say Franklin targeted one business, Aatco Transmission on Broad Avenue.

"He was cutting the fence and he was going in and removing it and dragging it to the fence and putting it on a grocery cart and taking it to the recycling place," said Sgt. Edward Heath at Albany Police Department.

Police say Franklin had been stealing from the business for about three months taking thousands of dollars in metals. Investigators canvassed recycling shops to build a suspect profile and that's actually when he showed up.

"While they are on the scene. Mr. Franklin shows up with some more items in a grocery cart so that's how we were able to apprehend him," said Sgt. Heath.

Police say more metal thieves will be out, especially this holiday season.

"We tell you to write down your serial numbers. Also mark the items by putting your initials or something on the copper and the ac units to make sure that we will be able to identify that yes this is my copper," said Sgt. Heath.

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