Police bring 'good life' to Albany

Albany Police invite the community out to meet their men and women in uniform. / From file

When you're driving down the road the last thing you want to see is a police officer, but today at Tift Park it was all about getting to know our men and women in uniform.

The Albany Police Department held their annual, "Day with a Cop" festival giving parents and kids a chance to bond with their local police officers.

One of the main goals of the yearly staple was to build relationship with kids, and make sure the next generation has a good mindset when it comes to the Albany Police Department.

"We want to try and break that mentality. We want to let the community know that we're community servants, and in that capacity, we're here to assist you with whatever so we can help make the community, and their lives better," said Albany Police Investigator, Kawaski Barnes

Barnes says the event was a blast, and they couldn't have asked for a better day in the Good Life City, to be out celebrating.

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