Police arrest two child sexual predators

Two men are in jail after being caught by Dougherty County police attempting to solicit sex from teenagers in an online chat room.

Police arrested both Paul Eric Tuten, 39, and Daxesh Amin, 34, after chatting online with who they thought was a 13-year-old girl.

"I was doing an undercover chat posing as an underage female, and during the chat -- it was over the course of a couple days -- he ended up sending me images of child pornography," says Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick with the DCP Internet Crimes Against Children division.

Police say they sent a warrant out in Ware County for Tuten, a nurse by occupation, after DCP identified him based off of pictures he sent.

But pictures of Tuten were not the only ones undercover officers received during the chat.

"We're still working on the Paul Tuten case. The images of child pornography we have, we're still trying to identify the children to make sure they are okay," says Kirkpatrick.

While Tuten never arranged a meeting with the supposed teen, DCP says Amin, a computer store owner, did. He drove from Stockbridge to Albany, and that is when police picked him up.

"He showed up, he was recognized by pictures that he had sent during the chat. He was subsequently arrested in a traffic stop," says Capt. Jimmy Sexton with DCP.

When it comes to chats with child predators, police say it's only a matter of minutes until suggestive conversations begin. Kirkpatrick says within five minutes during chats as an underage child, people are contacting him for sexual purposes.

"If they're into this, it doesn't take long for them to ... 'Hi, how are you, where do you live at' and then it's 'Would you like to have sex?'" says Sexton.

Tuten is charged with nine counts of furnishing obscene material to minors, among other charges, and Amin is charged with one count of obscene internet contact with a child.

"We want to make the public aware that there's still people out there on the internet looking for children," says Sexton.

Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick says Amin did write an apology letter, saying he was sorry for his actions. The letter was addressed to the girl Kirkpatrick posed as online as well as the girl's family.