Police are cracking down on contractors without permits

Persley said contractors can visit the marshal’s office to get a permit./ Tosin Fakile

Police say they're cracking down on contractors who are trying to take advantage of people after the storm.

“We’re going to try to make a more consolidated effort so that we all know who should be out here and who shouldn’t be,” said Chief Michael Persley with Albany Police Department.

Persley said code enforcement, marshal’s office, sheriff’s department, police department, county police are already cracking down on those who try to exploit people.

He advices residents to ask a contractor for a permit before allowing work on their property.

Persley said contractors can visit the marshal’s office to get a permit.

“More so some people are coming in and may not know what the right way of doing thing is so if we can educate them. What we don’t want is people who are going to set out and suffer for a long period of time,” Persley said. “But what we do want is people who have a skill that is necessary and that is needed and we want them to do things the right way. So initially it’s more of the education of them of what our city ordinances are, and what are procedures are for doing work here,” he added.

Persley said homeowners should call police if they encounter a contractor trying to negotiate prices without showing them a permit.

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