Police and school officials investigate bullying case at Ben Hill Primary

8 year old Triston attends Ben Hill County Primary School. / Sean Streicher

UPDATE 09/22/12:

Investigators say there is not enough information to press charges at this time.


A Ben Hill Primary School parent says her son is the target of bullying and wants answers.

April Roberts says that her 8-year-old son Triston was hung on the back of a bathroom room stall door by a group of children.

Another child entering the bathroom heard his struggle to get free and alerted a teacher. The teacher helped Triston and took him to the school nurse and believed him to be ok. His mother was then called to pick him up.

Roberts says that after picking up Triston, she thought he was dazed and proceeded to take him to the doctor.

Triston was able to identify a group of boys who he said were responsible for hanging him on the stall door.

Ben Hill Primary School and the Fitzgerald Police Department are investigating the incident.

Triston is doing fine, and is being kept home from school for a few days while things are being sorted out.

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