Pocketbook feeling lighter at the pump

Gasoline prices continue to rise. / Matt Prichard

Albany residents will continue to see gas prices rise, as experts release August projections.

In the past the sounds of car doors, and engines starting meant summer vacation was officially here. However in the last decade, families have been avoiding their cars due to ever-rising gas prices.

However there may be hope for a family road trip after all. With July holding the highest prices of the year, many Albany residents are hoping that August will bring a relief from these climbing gas prices.

"Considering July, and considering people are traveling and trying to still celebrate that it's summer time, I hope to see a little drop off coming in early august," said Julian Bolden.

Others though are simply tired of paying so much at the pump.

"Gas prices are so high, people can't even drive around the corner, and it's ridiculous," said Zykerria Butler.

But although they may be hoping for lower prices, experts with "AAA" say they aren't expecting any relief next month.

"I don't think we're going to see prices fall, at least not anytime soon. Typically once we hit September, if all trends are in place as we've seen in the past, but usually after Labor Day we do see some sort of relief at the pump, summer ends, demand starts to die down, and we enter the holiday period," said "AAA" spokeswoman, Jessica Brady.

The price for gasoline in Georgia currently averages out to $3.40 cents, a four cent climb from last week.