Plumbing accident leads to death of Lee County teen

Graham attended Lee County High School. / From File

Emergency officials confirm a Lee County teen has died after a plumbing accident Tuesday morning.

Benjamin Graham was working under a home on West Gordon Avenue when he was electrocuted. Emergency officials administered CPR on the way to a local hospital but were unsuccessful in saving the seventeen-year-old's life.

The passing of Graham has already made an impact on the Lee County High School community, particularly the wrestling team.

Lee County High School Principal Kevin Dowling said the incident was "tragic". Graham was a "tough, hard-nosed kidâ|wrestled for us. Typical teen in so many ways, had a heart of gold and really worked hard in wrestling".

A dedicated wrestler for the Trojan team, Graham had been wrestling for 10 years. Graham's wrestling coach, Tom Matheny, seconds that sentiment saying the 140 lbs. middle-weight grappled with the best of them.

"I mean, he was a tough, tough kid. Our kids loved him. He epitomized what you want. He was a fighter. He was a scrapper but he was polite, respectful. Kids didn't want to practice with him. He was too tough. His opponents didn't want to wrestle him. He was just rough but they all loved him." says Matheny

Matheny and the rest of the Lee County team will be planning a way to pay their respects to the Graham family some time in the near future.