Plans drawn, architects prepared for new senior center

The new senior center in Albany will move to the former Byne Baptist complex

People couldn't help but talk about the new senior center at the SOWEGA Council on Aging Annual Report Meeting. Now that SPLOST VI passed, the Council on Aging is getting prepared and excited for the center.

Newly appointed SOWEGA Council on Aging President Lorie Farkas says the group and the new senior center will help all of us as we get older.

"It's the one disease we'll all get. Hopefully everybody doesn't get heart disease or cancer or lung disease. We all will get old," says Farkas.

The Council helps to provide a variety of services including Alzheimer's Caregiver Time Out, Meals on Wheels and Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

"All of our programs and service and lots of activities and just all that we need to make older people happy and melt their needs," says SOWEGA Council on Aging Executive Director Kay Hind.

These services will move to a new building thanks to $3 million of help from SPLOST VI. The funds will pay for the renovations of the former Byne Baptist complex for the new senior center.

"I feel it's a needed project, I feel that our seniors are our most treasured recourses and I think they need a state of the art senior center," says District Director Kenneth Cutts, who was there to represent Congressman Sanford Bishop.

The SOWEGA Council on Aging says the senior center has moved from one small, old building to the next.

"One is in the old USO building which we are at capacity and the other one is upstairs over the Albany Housing Authority," says Hind.

The preparation for the senior center to move to a bigger and newer building in the future is creating some excitement.

"We've always had to use older buildings and peace meal our different services we do, so now it'll all be under one roof," says Farkas.

The group has slowly worked on paying for the new center. Currently, they're talking with architects and moving a little faster on the project.

"Little by little we're chipping away at it and hopefully in the next few years we'll have a wonderful center that will house all of our different programs that we provide for all of Southwest Georgia," says Farkas.

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