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      Planning travel around prices at the pump

      It's summer time and you a lot of you are hitting the road and going on vacation, but we wanted to know with the rising gas prices how does that effect your travel?

      AAA reports that for Georgia, the average price of regular gas is $3.54.

      That's nineteen cents higher than what it was this time a year ago.

      On Sunday, FOX31 caught up with some local viewers to see how the gas hike affects their travel.

      Tiana Gordon says, "When I start back school, I won't be able to drive back and fourth from Atlanta to Albany as much as I could if the prices weren't as high."

      Steven Moore says, "it's hard to plan any trips, so the ones we do are small."

      Cheryl Smith says, "we would typically some type of out of state vacationing over the summer but it's just not been feasible the prices are ridiculous."

      The highest gas ever recorded in Georgia was $4.16. That was in September 2008.

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