Placement of American flag violates city code

Tom Gieryic flies his American flag in the city right-of-way on Dawson road, for which a code enforcement officer cited him / Ashley Knight

A local businessman says flying his American flag should not be against city code.

Tom Gieryic owns Gieryic's Dawson Road Automotive Repair and says a code enforcement officer told him his flag couldn't be in the city right-of-way.

He received a citation, which was downgraded to a warning by the code enforcement officer.

"Typically that can be dangerous, it can bother sight lines and that sort of thing, so we need to find some sort of format to make it accessible as an option, particularly for an American flag, I think that's pretty important to us all--but to keep it safe as well," says Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

"I think as an American, I should be able to fly my American flag on any American soil, no one should be able to tell me where to put it, where it can't be, as long as it's not a safety hazard," says Gieryic.

City staff will be looking over code enforcement laws to find a positive solution.