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      Pitbull charges man, police officer

      Patrick Marley, chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee at Avalon United Methodist Church, says he was almost attacked by a pitbull Wednesday around noon outside of the church on Gillionville Road.

      The female pitbull was taken by Dougherty County Animal Control to a humane society. Animal Control says the owner of the dog will be charged with Dog At Large and will need to provide documents showing the dog has received a rabies vaccination. The owner's home is on Shady Glen Lane.

      Marley says he was walking around the church to identify some potential projects to do to take care of the building.

      He said the dog was just outside of a fence at the edge of the church's parking lot. The dog approached him and he growled a little bit himself to scare the dog away.

      The dog showed her teeth and growled at Marley. He says he was briefly afraid because he just didn't know what was going to happen.

      "It wasn't like she was walking at us," Marley said. "She wasn't coming full speed at us but she was running. I didn't think she was going to stop but she did."

      No one was injured. A Dougherty County police officer who responded to the call was also charged by the dog.