Pit Bulls may be a breed of the past in Terrell County

The Terrell County Commission voted this morning on a pit bull ordinance. It passed unanimously. / Ashley Knight

Terrell County unanimously passed an ordinance that includes pit bulls in their "Dangerous Dogs" ordinance.

The ordinance calls for keeping the dogs in a 10X10 enclosure, keeping the dog on a leash when it's outside the enclosure as well as muzzled.

Lawana Friddell's sheep were attacked and killed by pit bulls back in December, 2011.

She's happy about the ordinance.

"I just don't want a person to be attacked or a child, and most of the attacks that do happen, it is an elderly person and children," says Friddell.

The ordinance will take effect April 12.

If you're found in violation of the ordinance, you will be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

Second and third violations range in price from $150 to $750.

The ordinances for the city of Dawson and Terrell County are available in this .doc file Pit Bull Ordinance