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      Pit bull ordinance discussion continues in Albany

      Two community members went before the Albany City Commission Tuesday morning to express their thoughts and opinions about the Pit Bull Ordinance that's on the verge of passing.The first of those was Dr. Carie Wisell, who is a veterinarian at Companion Animal Hospital. Wisell offered several solutions to the problem Albany seems to be having with pit bull attacks. Wisell says first and foremost, all dogs that could potentially be dangerous (which could be all dogs) need to have a leash, possibly a muzzle, and a responsible pet owner. She also suggested having an ordinance that requires all dogs/cats/etc. to be spayed or neutered.The second community member to speak out was Albert Kender who owns a dog that would fall under this 'dangerous dog' category. Kender says he takes his dog to visit with those who are sick and is worried this ordinance will no longer allow him to do that. He also spoke to the fact that his dog is kind, as are many others, and feels breed specific legislation is just not fair.Commissioner Tommy Postell, however, is on the other side of the argument. Postell says something needs to be passed because there is a problem in Albany and that problem needs to be addressed. In the past year there were 48 pit bull attacks reported - this, to Postell, is simply unacceptable. Howard agrees with Postell but says they need to go ahead and pass something and they can go back later and make amendments.The current draft of the ordinance requires pit bull owners to have a six foot fence around their home, a hooded pen, and $100,000 in liability insurance.

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