Pit bull attacks Albany man, takes chunk out of arm

Photo Credit: Courtesy: Walter Braswell

An Albany man is recovering after a pit bull attacked him, taking a chunk out of his arm and leaving him bleeding profusely in his driveway.

Walter Braswell, an Army veteran, was no match for the pit bull that came charging at him Aug. 3 while he was working on his car outside at 102 Wescott Drive.

Braswell said someone who was visiting his neighbor let the pit bull â" and two dachshunds â" out of an adjacent house.

"Out charged the pit bull along with two dachshunds, and the distance is so short, and as fast as the dog was charging out, I had virtually nowhere to go," said Braswell. The pit bull, he said, jumped to bite him, and he tried to protect himself by shielding his neck and face with his left arm.

Braswell said he intends to sue the dog's owner, John Sowell, in civil court.

We were unable to reach Sowell, but he told The Albany Herald that Braswell provoked the incident by kicking one his dachshunds. Braswell denies that claim.

Sowell was charged with leaving an animal at large and having no rabies tags on the dog, according to the Herald.

Braswell was taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital where he received several stitches.