Pippin open to holding Westover Invitational on his land

Pippin says he is not against continuing to use the land for cross country.

/ Cody Long

Controversy surrounds the decision by the Albany City Commission to sell land that has been used for high school sporting events.

Trey Pippin, of Pippin Farms, purchased the land on Lockett Station Rd. next to Robert Cross Middle School for $91,000. The land has been used for several cross country runs including the Westover Invitational since 2002.

Pippin says he is not against continuing to use the land for cross country as long as the school system protects him from liability. This statement comes a day after Westover Athletic Director Harley Calhoun sent a letter to Mayor Dorothy Hubbard and city commissioners describing how important the land is for the annual event.

"I don't want to deprive any of the students of doing what they love," Pippin said.

Pippin says his plan is to clean up the property. He says his oldest daughter runs cross country and has been great for her.

The commission voted 5-2 to sell the land Tuesday. Commissioners Bob Langstaff and Roger Marietta voted against selling the land because they learned 30 minutes before the meeting that it was used for high school athletic events. They wanted to delay the vote.

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