Pills behind the wheel may mean jail time

Glenn Parkman R. PH. at Glenn's Corner Pharmacy in Sylvester. / Jessica Fairley

According to the law, anything that can make you an unsafe driver can lead to your arrest.

People may have a legal prescription but getting behind the wheel under the influence of the pill could put your life in jeopardy.

"Impaired prescription drugs do count. We're going to arrest you if you're above the limit or if we can prove that you're an unsafe driver," said Trooper Sel Jenkins, Georgia State Patrol.

Oxycodones and Hydrocodones are example of pain medication that can affect your driving.

Registered Pharmacist Glenn Jenkins says drivers should be cautious when taking strong medication.

"Some of the anti-psychotic drugs and so forth that they take all of those drugs will affect the CNS system, depress the CNS system, cause you to be a little slower in your reaction time," said Glenn Parkman R. PH., Glenn's Corner Pharmacy.

He says this could be life threatening on a long trip.

"If you're driving three or four hours you're going to get tired and it could definitely lead to an accident which we wouldn't want to see at this time of the year," said Parkman.

Officials say to avoid an accident or jail time, if you're sedated, let someone else take the wheel.