Picnic with the police

Albany Police hosted the 2nd annual Picnic with the police at Tift Park / Sean Streicher

The second annual "Picnic with the Police" is a fun event designed to build a better relationship between the community and the Albany Police Department.

Police are looking at this as a way to be more proactive in the community.

Officer Kawaski Barnes, on of the main organizers say's, "this is my home, I'm a native Albanian, and I just saw a need. I feel the police department can do more proactively, than just being reactive when situations happen."

Off-duty officers helped run activities for children like potato sack races and water balloon tosses. While on duty cops found some time to stop by and talk to the public.

Community members say events like these are what the city should be doing, and the police are happy to be doing it for the community.