Picking pecans from the road isn't as innocent as you think

Now that pecan harvesting season is in full swing and the prices for the crop have risen in recent years, local law enforcement agencies are cracking down on people taking the nuts from private property.

Georgia law reads that a person must have permission to pick pecans from a private property, including any harvest that falls into the right-of-way or road.

"They own the property, they own the tree, they've taken the thing to cultivate it and have it produce a fruit or a nut. Once that happens, that's where they get their investment back is when they actually sell that for a price. If you go out there and take that from them, it'd be no different if you went into a store and took a product without paying for it," said Captain Tommy Jackson with the Dougherty County Police Department.

An offender could be charged with a misdemeanor offense if caught picking someone else's harvest.

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