Phone scam cost users thousands

Phone users warned of scam. / Jessica Fairley

A new scam is going around that could cost you thousands on your phone bill. AT&T reps are sending out a warning to their cell phone users about the new scam.

They say the scam artist will call your phone leaving an urgent message asking you to call back.

Once the call is returned, the scammers try to keep you on the line for as long as they can, charging you over $2,000 dollars per minute.

A representative from an Albany AT&T branch says users should stay on the lookout.

"What I advise all my customers is whenever they see or feel there is a potential scam in place, make sure they are familiar with the number that's calling and make sure they do their due diligence and research within themselves the actual number," said Albany Branch AT&T Associate Manager Don Darby.

Customers are warned to look out for and avoid calls to area codes 809, 284, and 876 if the call back number is unfamiliar.