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      Phoebe was prepared for any weather that hit

      FOX 31 has reported a lot about how first responders in the area have been working around the clock because of the winter storm that hit the area. But, they aren TMt the only ones.Nurses and doctors at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital were also working more hours than normal.At Phoebe Putney nurses in the admissions and discharge unit spent the night at the hospital to help patients in the morning. The nurses who TMs shift begins at 6 a.m. wouldn TMt have made it to work on time, so those on the shift before them stayed the night to help out..Susan Jackson said, it assures me that I TMm going to be here to take care of our patients needs TM and it assures everyone else the same.An emergency room doctor said what they saw the most of were weather related injuries.

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