Phoebe Timeline

Phoebe employees listen to the announcement

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has had a plan in place for the acquisition of Palmyra Medical Center for some time.

Below is the past, present, and future timeline.

-July 2010 â" Phoebe executives begin discussing buying Palmyra Medical Center from HCA

-December 2010 â" Phoebe announces it is acquiring Palmyra & its 18 properties for $195 Million

-January 2011 â" The transaction between Phoebe and HCA should be complete

-February 2011 â" Palmyra begins operating under the name Phoebe North

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital says once the acquisition is complete then the process of evaluation begins for a long term plan on future changes. "Our goal is to carefully inventory current services and current properties and ultimately come up with what will be a multiyear plan including preferably a 3-5 year plan on how best to assimilate and realign services" says Wernick.