Phoebe Sumter offer kids a lesson in healthy living

Get Fit, Get Active, Get Healthy, was the theme of Phoebe Sumter's Children health conference / Sean Streicher

Get fit, get health, get active, that was the theme of Phoebe Sumter's first ever children's health conference, which was held Saturday in Americus.

It was aimed to help fight health concerns facing today's youth, say's Phoebe's Marcus Johnson, "we have an abundance of childhood obesity, and juvenile diabetes in our area so we wanted to kind of jump in there, do what we can to try to do something about that problem, so that's why we're having this event. It's fun and games but it's also very important too."

Free health screenings were offered to kids ages 7-14 and stations were set up to show the importance of forming healthy eating habits at a young age.

Kids could jump in a Moon Bounce or participate in a dance competition as a way of getting some exercise.

After having such great success with their men's and women's health fairs, Johnson said it only made sense to have one for the youth, "You know it all starts with the kids, you know if the kids aren't healthy then mom and dad have to miss time off from work, their minds aren't going to be on their jobs and it's just a bad situation all together."

Officials estimated around 300-400 kids turned out for the conference with some coming from as far away as Atlanta.

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