Phoebe saves Dougherty County jail over $1 million

The Dougherty County Jail has gotten some relief it's budget from the savings brought on since Phoebe Putney has taken on healthcare onsite. / File

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is saving the Dougherty County Jail a lot of money since taking over as the jail healthcare provider.

Since taking over as the jail's health care provider in 2011, they have saved the county over $1.4 million, with another $640,000 in savings expected in 2013.

Phoebe was able to cut costs by installing an x-ray machine, EKG, and increasing physician presence in the jail, which all help to reduce unnecessary care and transports to the hospital.

In the year prior to Phoebe taking over the jail's health care, there were 1,502 inmates transported for additional care; in the year after they took over that number dropped to 797.

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