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      Phoebe Putney welcomes five new residents

      Five new faces were welcomed at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Wednesday afternoon during a ceremony inducting the new residents.

      The group was made up of all native Georgians, which officials say proves there is a need for more medical opportunities for students in our area.

      The residents say although it's a time when many are struggling, their road wasn't easy and it's all about perseverance.

      "The more that you work at something and you keep working at it, it's like etching at a brick wall. The more you chisel at that wall it's going to eventually crumble, said Dr. Emantavius Williams.

      "Commitment and hard work will get you where you want to go. It may not necessarily be the route you wanted to get there but programs are out there and they are out there, said Dr. Jonathan Lawrence.

      Governor Nathan Deal was the guest speaker during the ceremony and spoke to the group about the growing and constant need for healthcare in Georgia, which they now play a part in.

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