Phoebe Putney still pursuing trauma center designation

Phoebe is going to continue to pursue taruma center designation

Voters turned down a $10 car registration fee to fund improvements to Georgia's trauma care system, but what does that mean for local hospitals?

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital officials say they are going to continue to work their way toward becoming a designated level two trauma center. Right now Georgia has 16 designated trauma centers; 30 are needed to serve the state's growing population.

And while the hospital is pursuing designation, Chief Medical Officer Doug Patten says they are disappointed that they can't be designated as part of a network. "There's still no network and there's no money dedicated to the creation of a network, so that this hospital will be part of a network with every other trauma center in the state," says Patten.

Officials say there is little chance of a network forming within the next few years.

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