Phoebe professionals prevent falls

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital / Matt Prichard

The Phoebe Putney Professional Affairs Committee met Monday to discuss the danger of patients falling, and other important issues.

"Falls" are one of the most dangerous threats for patients inside a hospital. Most associate this issue with older patients, however it can happen to anyone and anywhere. Joe Austin, Vice President of Phoebe Healthcare says, everyone is susceptible to falling regardless of what age.

"If you walk around Phoebe you may see folks wearing yellow socks, this is an indicator that they are at a high "fall" risk. They could be post-surgery, or on high levels of medication, but regardless the reason, we are vigilant about patients falling here at Phoebe Putney," said Austin.

The committee also met to discuss several other issues regarding the daily operations of the hospital.

"It has two purposes, one is to look at the quality initiative of the hospital. The second is to look at the credentials of Physicians, which is one of the most important parts of a medical staff and a board," said Austin.

With these issues pertaining directly to the hospital and it's patient, Austin says meetings like these are vital to the operation and success of Phoebe in the future.

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