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      Phoebe paid nearly $1 million in property taxes

      Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital conducted a Board of Directors meeting Wednesday that included discussing a financial report revealing nearly $1 million paid in property taxes.Phoebe Putney is part of a program called VPILOT (Voluntary Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) program. Through this program, Phoebe committed to paying the Tax Director of Dougherty County to make up for their loss in value on property, or valorem tax, for the purchase of Palmyra Park Hospital.The program started in December of 2013 when Palmyra Park Hospital was placed in conjunction with the Hospital Authority and that property was removed from tax rolls. With this adjustment, Phoebe initially paid $623,653 in taxes under the VPILOT program.Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Phoebe Putney Memorial Health System, Tommy Chambless said this program was put into place "to not have a negative impact on the tax base" and that it was "a sense of obligation" to make these payments.Phoebe has paid taxes on other properties including $274,138 for over 90 acres in Dougherty County in 2013. Phoebe has also paid taxes to the city of Dawson at a cost $2,006 and Terrell County at $7,451. Also paid was $2,464 to the city of Americus, $21,836 to Sumter County, $923 to the city of Pelham and $813 to Mitchell County.Under the VPILOT program and property taxes, Phoebe has paid $938,284 in 2013.

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