Phoebe officials respond to 'F' letter grade

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital respond to 'F' letter grade from popular website. / From File

In a recent hospital survery released by "The Leap Frog," Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital was given an "F" letter grade in regards to their quality of care.

Officials with Phoebe spoke Tuesday morning to address the scathing critique, and to assure the public that this particular grade does not reflect the hospital's current level of care.

"This is a new survey released by Leap Frog that required us to submit a survey back for an accurate grade, which we chose not to participate in. Leap Frog has based their grade on Phoebe off of our 2009 numbers, which does not reflect where we stand today in 2012," said Senior Vice President, Douglas Patten.

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