Phoebe nurse traveled long distance to realize dream

Princes Patani is originally from South Africa. / Sean Streicher

When Princes Patani was a little girl in South Africa she used to take her grandmother to the doctor's office for diabetes treatment.

After seeing the care her grandmother was given she knew she found her calling. "I just loved the way they were treating her and I think I was in primary school and that's when I decided I want to be a nurse," explained Patani.

Living in South Africa, Patani said becoming a nurse was out of the question so she settled for working at the post office, "opportunities there are not as great as they are here, I was never going to be a nurse there, that was a dream."

After moving to America with her husband in 2000, Patani decided to go after that dream. She graduated from nursing school in 2005 and hasn't looked back since.

"I feel very accomplished, I enjoy what I do and I feel like I have grown into this profession and I wouldn't change anything about it," said Patani.

After talking to her coworkers, it's easy to see that she fits perfectly into that role, "patients love her because of the care that she gives (them), they all just love her."

That love has lead to Patani to being selected as the Labor Pool Nurse of the year and put her in the running to become the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital 2013 Nurse of the year, which will be announced next week.

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