Phoebe North nurses get their hands blessed

Gewn Collins gets her hands blessed as part of â??National Nurses Weekâ?? at Phoebe North

As part of National Nurses Week, Phoebe North offered its nurses a chance to have their hands blessed as an extra way to keep the quality of work up.

Nurses say it is a way for patients to understand that the staff is there for them and are doing all they can to provide special care.

"Healing with the hands that we have, we're able to provide healing not only spiritually but mentally to our patient and this gives us an opportunity to focus on ourselves," said Phoebe North TMs Director of Education, Gwen Collins.

Phoebe North chaplains Donald Chapman and Doc Williams performed the blessings from 9 A.M. to noon Friday afternoon.

Chapman says holistic healing is stronger than just man's healing and holistic healing is only available through loving, caring hands.