Phoebe hosts cancer survivors' luncheon

Sunday is National Cancer Survivors day, but today Phoebe Putney Hospital hosted a lunch, recognizing some local cancer survivors.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 and stayed in the hospital for three days and I had to go through chemo therapy for six months. It was a journey, said Carol Seay.

Seay's journey led her from cancer patient to cancer survivor. She joined dozens of other survivors a special lunch hosted by Phoebe.

It gives us the opportunity just to set aside some time and celebrate life, said event coordinator Patricia Swain.

There was a time, when I didn't know who to talk to, but in these events like this. It makes it so much easier, said Seay.

As for treatment doctors say modern medicine is also making their job easier.

A few years back it has been difficult on the human body going through all this treatment, but as time has been going along the treatments are becoming less and less toxic for the body and the outcomes are getting better and better, said Dr. Chirag Jani.

Cancer is a disease that can strike anyone, at any age at anytime and that's way doctors and survivors are always stressing early detection.

There are a lot of screening tests and a lot of national guidelines we recommend to the patients and just sticking to that guidelines and following them appropriately helps a lot in early detection, said Dr. Jani.