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      Phoebe honors their volunteers

      Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital held their annual volunteer appreciation dinner Tuesday evening for all of the people who help them day in and day out.

      Phoebe says 675 volunteers have given more than 69,000 volunteer hours at the hospital! Volunteers are located all over the hospital from the front door to the emergency room and they say the volunteers affect what they do each and every day of the week.

      Director of Phoebe Volunteer Services Suzanne Perrine says the volunteers are a crucial part of Phoebe. They TMre volunteers that we rely on to be there to greet patients, to escort patients, to help them get where they need to be. Not only that they just serve such a community spirit. I think they fill a need that would just be so missed if they were not there says Perrine.

      This year TMs Volunteer of the Year is Nancy Askey who volunteers in the cardiology unit with a program called ~Mended Hearts TM.

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