Phoebe holds a welcome ceremony and celebration at Phoebe North

Phoebe has prepared a welcome party for the new Phoebe North. / Jenna McWilliams

A welcome ceremony kicked-off at the "new" Phoebe North friday in which president and CEO Joel Wernick called it "a blending of two families."

The Hospital Authority of Albany Dougherty County purchased Palmyra Medical Center to offset capacity issues phoebe was having.

Currently, the services offered at Phoebe North will remain basically the same until an evaluation of transition services.

Chief transitional officer Tom Sullivan said the mood of the event was "exciting" and the feedback from the community has already been rolling in. "Feedback has been good. I think some people have the wait and see approach and that's ok. We want to be able to get our message out there and prove that this is going to be a great thing for the community." he added.

Phoebe CEO Joel Wernick also addressed the competition the two hospitals had in the past and that, that competition will turn to provide the best health care for our area.