Phoebe helps grieving students let go of their pain

Students gather yearly for Camp Good Grief to help those that have lost their parents. / Jessica Fairley

For many children losing a loved one can be hard to understand, and for that reason, the Albany Community Hospice and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital are teaming up to help children deal with the grief.

For the past two days children in the 1st through 6th grades participated in 'Camp Good Grief'.

The students had the opportunity to kick back and have fun with other children who've also lost a loved one.

Thursday a memorial service was held for those family members who've past on.

Organizers say this was just one of the ways to help the children find peace.

"They learn to deal with their sadness with their grief and they learn that it's okay to be angry sometimes, to be mad at the person that they lost but they also learn that's it's okay to be a child," says Patty Woodall, Director for the Albany Community Hospice.

Older students from the 'Journey' program also participated in the camp. 'Journey' is for teens who've lost a loved one.