Phoebe Foundation celebrates life

For years, the Phoebe foundation has used a brick as a unique way to celebrate life. This year, they've added several new names to their paver's pathway.

Vicki Glaze lost her mother to leukemia in late July. She says the paver's dedication ceremony was more than fitting.

"After she passed away, we started thinking about some way that we could memorialize her and remember her so that others could see a good memorial for her," said Glaze.

To her and her family, the Phoebe Hospital will always have a special place in their hearts.

Vicki Glaze says"it will be very touching every time that we come here and see it and I'll throw something else in. My oldest son that was born here and he was in the Neo-natal intensive care unit for almost three months and we have a lot of history at Phoebe both positive and negative."

John Lane of Phoebe's Environmental Service Department passed away suddenly in January of this year. The foundation recognized him as this year's special employee.

Dominique Lane says "my dad, in my opinion, who pretty much embodied the entire vision of Phoebe Putney and loved the hospital as mentioned in the program he was the encyclopedia of Phoebe and he knew everything about it."

Within the next two days, brick masons will lay 117 bricks for those that were honored in the Celebration of Life Ceremony.

"It's very important for organization such as a hospital to pretty much remember those who have worked tirelessly for the efforts of providing for the people of the community," said Lane.