Phoebe ER has new check in procedure

Phoebe's Emergency Room

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital's emergency room has a new check-in procedure that allows them to see 15-20 more patients per 24 hours.

Dr. Doug Patten, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs says patients are getting back faster because the emergency room staff is being more efficient.

Once a patient checks in they are immediately evaluated. Once the evaluation is over the patient is taken to an examination room. Once all rooms are full some patients will be able to wait in a new space for the next available room.

Patten says the new system is better for the patients and the hospital. "We haven't seen any abuse of the ER as a result of the new check in. People who are coming to the ER are still coming there with the same kinds of problems" says Patten.

The program began in March, however they are just now seeing the measurable results.

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