Phoebe consolidating rehab centers

Phoebe rehab patient gets therapy treatment. / Jessica Fairley

Phoebe Putney began the consolidation of inpatient physical rehabilitation services Monday admitting all new inpatient rehabilitation patients to the 25-bed inpatient facility on the Phoebe North Campus.

Phoebe originally announced the planned inpatient rehab move in a presentation to the Hospital Authority Board in May. Laura Shearer, senior vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer at Phoebe Putney, said consolidation of these services to one convenient location will allow the staff to better serve the needs of all patients.

"By combining inpatient physical rehabilitation services previously offered at both Phoebe Putney and Phoebe North, our team of rehab professionals will now offer all inpatients rehab patients consistent, high-quality inpatient physical rehab care," said Shearer. "The Phoebe North location allows us to take advantage of the center's larger more modern patient rooms, oversized therapy and treatment areas plus it presents more opportunities for growth." Shearer said the entire inpatient rehab staff from the main campus will transition to the Phoebe North Campus and join the existing team there.

Inpatient physical rehabilitation offers comprehensive diagnostics and treatment to help clients overcome functional limitations brought on by injury or illness. Shearer said the Phoebe team is committed to providing the most up-to-date treatment to patients with all impairments including, but not limited, to neurological, orthopedic, developmental and cardiac, to help them achieve the highest possible level of functional independence. Components of the inpatient physical rehab program include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and recreational therapy.

Shearer said that during the two-week transition period building up to August 1, patients currently in the inpatient rehab unit at the main campus will continue treatments there. If any patients remain at the main campus on August 1, they will be transferred to Phoebe North at that time. She does not anticipate any disruption of patient care or inconvenience to patients.

Shearer said outpatient services provided by Phoebe's hospitals and outpatient centers will not be affected by this move. All Outpatient Rehab Services will continue to be provided at Phoebe Northwest.
"We are confident that inpatient physical rehab services at Phoebe will continue to lead the way with the highest quality care and superior patient outcomes," said Shearer.