Phillip Phillips mania bring economic boost to the area

Phillip Phillips signs an autograph for a fan. / Ben Mcleod

Southwest Georgia had Phillip Phillips mania this past weekend and with the star came a boost in profits for the community.

Thousands of people turned out to see the Phillips return to his hometown.

Restaurants and many other businesses across the area were filled with fans and supporters wanting to see the American Idol star.

Those with the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau say the Lee County and Albany area raked in about $550,000.

"It was a great opportunity for Albany to be showcased with Phillip arriving at the airport, riding through town, him eating at El Maya, being at the pawnshop. It's just a great opportunity for Albany and Lee County together. It just really showed us as a good region," says Rashelle Beasley, Manager of the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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