Phillip Phillips makes 'American Idol' top 13

The crowd at FOX 31's Watch Party erupted with cheering fans as American Idol announced Phillip Phillips is moving forward in the competition / Sarah Bleau

Lee County High School's cafeteria erupted with cheers when American Idol announced Leesburg musician Phillip Phillips is moving on to the top 13 in the competition.

"It doesn't feel real. It just feels like you're in a dream and you don't reallyâ| I can't imagine what my parents are thinking right now. Even if the show is on I'm call them, I'm calling them!" says Phillips' sister LaDonna Urick.

While the announcement came within the first ten minutes of the show, nerves and anticipation still filled the air. Urick covered her face with her hands and was shaking from anxiousness.

"I was about to die. I was about to throw up. I just didn't know what to think. You just don't know and America gets to vote so we're just praying for them," says Urick.

After the announcement that Phillips is moving on, his brother-in-law Todd Urick gathered the crowd at the FOX 31 American Idol Watch Party to shoot a video to send to Phillips. He says Phillips was eager to see the crowd that showed up to support him.