Phillip not the only talented Phillips

Laci Neil performs at the Cask & Kilt Bar and Pub. / Jessica Fairley

Wednesday night Phillip Phillips performed on American Idol but what many may not know is that he's just one of many talented people in his family: his sister is also a singer.

Lacey Neil may not be a household name but locals say she has what it takes and she's well on her way.

"I love her performance, she and Ben together and their brother in law. I think his name is Todd (Todd Urick). They are all good together," says Roni Ware, Coordinator for Albany Star.

On lead vocals for the band dubbed 'The In-Laws' is non-other than Lacey Neil, who's not only Phillips sister, but a songstress claiming accolades on her own.

Back in 2011 she followed in her brother's footsteps winning the title of Albany Star.

"She shocked everybody because she did a Tina Turner song and she shocked everybody because they loved it," says Roni Ware.

Lacey isn't the only one in the group belting out the hits, her husband Ben Neil is currently a contestant in the Albany Star competition.

He also sings with 'The in-laws' covering hits that range from country to rock and even rap.

"They love it when they perform. I mean they're amazing and the crowd loves them," says Vikki Gavre, Co-Owner of the Cask and Kilt Bar and Pub.

'The In-Laws' are set to perform at the Nights at D'Town event in Albany, Georgia on Friday April 27, 2012.