Phelps family files wrongful death lawsuit

Jordan Harris is being targeted with a lawsuit by the family of Phelps. / Dougherty County Jail

Joseph Durham, attorney for the family of Walter Phelps has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the State Court of Dougherty County. Durham names Tifton-based Professional Court Services, Inc., Bertha Daniel, Darrien Teals, Homer Day, John Doe, XYZ Entity and Harris as defendants.

Jordan Harris is the man who is charged with Phelps murder on July 3, 2010. Durham claims that the company charged with monitoring Jordan Harris' activities through an electronic ankle monitor were "asleep at the wheel". The company didn't report to local law enforcement that Harris left his home multiple times including on July third â"the date Phelps was fatally shot. The suit alleges that Professional Court Services violated the terms of its contract with the Lee County courts and were negligent in not reporting Harris' house arrest violations.

The lawsuit asks for a jury trial, attorneys fees, compensatory damages, punitive damages for medical bills, funeral costs, and more. The PDF of the entire lawsuit is availble.