Pepper spraying part of jail employee certification

Students learn to properly wash their eyes out after being sprayed

The state had the lesson plans ready but no outlet to teach them, so the Dougherty County Jail volunteered for the responsibility of certifying jail employees.

Jail Director Col. John Ostrander says nearly 39 surrounding counties receive their certification by Dougherty County Jail employees. The basic jail school teaches use of force, defensive tactics and inmate rights.

One lesson involves students getting pepper sprayed, which they experienced on Friday.

"They have to be able to articulate the effects of OC when they use OC on a subject and they know the effects, they know how to decontaminate a subject if they have to spray. This is considered a use of force option and they have to be certified on that," says Mark Farley, Training Coordinator with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Students complete a total of 80 class hours.